Posted by Mariana Scaravilli on May 30, 2024

Just announced!

Introduction To The Guitar Circle & The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists with Robert Fripp.
April 27th – May 4th, 2025.
Villa Sancelso, Castione della Presolana, Italy.

Music has its own intelligence, but can music change the world? If so, how? 

How does music come into our lives? 

How does a musician become present in the place within themselves, where music lives and visits? 

If music is to enter our world, the role of the audience is as necessary as the role of the musician. How is an audient present within themself when music flies by? 

What is involved in the process of musical performance?

Guitar Craft and The Guitar Circle take a practical approach to these questions.  In addition to guitarists, we also invite those who have an interest in Music and whose musical instrument is their ears, to engage with the techniques and approaches available to Crafty Guitarists.

Robert Fripp
Sunday 26th. May, 2024;
Middle England.

. . .

For those attending as guitarists, work will be on acoustic guitars in the New Standard Tuning – CGDAEG. Guitar meetings / workshops will be in groups of all sizes, including individual meetings.

This course will include classes in Orchestral Maneuvers, Música En Movimiento, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, T’ai Chi, The Process Of Performance, and Doing Nothing – As Much As You Can!

The Introduction To The Guitar Circle welcomes both guitarists and audients of any level of experience.

The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists welcomes guitarists and audients that have attended at least one Guitar Craft or Guitar Circle course directed by Robert Fripp.

A public performance, in Castione Della Presolana, is planned for Saturday, May 3rd, 2025. Exact details to be confirmed and soon to be announced.

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Anyone who wishes to attend the course please send an application, to registrar@guitarcraft.com, responding to the following questions: Who are you?, Why do you wish to attend?, and What is your aim?

Those who attend a GC course with Robert Fripp for the first time, please indicate you apply for the Introduction To Guitar Circle.

Those who apply for The Orchestra Of Crafty Guitarists, please indicate so and let us very briefly know what your previous experience is.

When sending your application please include your first and last name, and your mobile phone number. Also, as per the facility’s requirements at check-in: date and place of birth, and nationality.

Applications will be responded within 10 days of receipt, by Alessandro Bruno and/or Mariana Scaravilli. 

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Tuition fee: EUR 1250

Discounted fee for Latin America residents: EUR 600

(All tuition fees include self-catered vegetarian meals by The OCG and accommodation.)

Different tuition fees are applied depending on the applicant’s country of residence, aiming to support those who wish to attend to the best of the course’s financial ability, within the practical constraints inherent to the event’s organisation.