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Toyah & Robert's Weekend!
Toyah & Robert's Sunday Lunch - Too Sexy. Toyah & Robert's Burning Questions (October 16th, 2021). Toyah At Home & On The Road - Episode 9.
A second Guitar Circle course
On RF's Facebook today: We are preparing for a second Guitar Circle...
David Singleton's Diary
And so to Washington. The US tour successfully completed amid huge personal sighs of relief. We have a very dedicated team, who surfed the waves and storms very skilfully, arguably...

Live in Toronto

19 OCT
19 OCT
P6 Updated
Robert has updated his diary detailing the mixing of the recent P6 performances...
KTU In The Studio  DGM Live
KTU In The Studio
KTU have posted up some footage of them working in the studio on their...
A Man, A Photgraph  DGM Live
A Man, A Photgraph
Robert has updated his diary and offers his thoughts on the recent...
David Singleton's Diary
Today at the Vicarage : The Vicarage Another week of sparse diary entries. Hmmm. A larger more pointed stick is required. This is a challenge that is proving difficult to meet...